Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mabon/Sukkot 2010

This year, Mabon fell on the first day of Sukkot!
We spent the week before making crafts for both-a hand print apple tree, a wind sock and a bumble bee to hang on the mini-Sukkah we built with Little A, and a few other odds and ends.

The morning of Mabon Little A and I husked our corn for dinner.  Time to make corn dollies!

Those were pretty small husks! Here's the start of our first-ever corn dolly!  We tied four husks together at the top.

Then we turned the bundle upside-down and pulled the husks down over the tied end.

We tied string near the top to form the head.

We used one short husk, rolled into a tight cylinder and tied at the ends, to form the arms.  We inserted the arms into the husk bundle, and tied with string just below, to define the waist.

 Another husk was wrapped behind the neck and crossed over the front-like a shawl.  This formed the shoulders.

 Five husks were bundled around the waist and tied on.  To make the "Daddy dolly", we separated the husks into two bundles and tied them in a few places, forming legs.  The "Mommy dolly" husks were left as-is, to form a skirt.

Here's the happy couple!

The festivities continued into the evening, with Hubby and Little A making challah to eat in the Sukkah.

The Sukkah Hubby and Little A built.  There's our windsock...

And here is the bee!

Our challah and honey, along with Hubby's home made chunky-sauce thin crust pizza!

Of course some fresh boiled corn on the side.

For dessert, an apple brown betty.  Happy autumn!


  1. Aww, I love the little corn husk doll. (and the pizza looks yummy!)

  2. I love the little doll family!! Mmm, brown betty.

  3. Thanks! I did forget to include a picture of making the "baby" corn doll. Next time we might try coloring some extra husks to make clothes!

  4. Good idea on coloring the husks -- and your dolls are well done! Sounds like you had a creative and tasty holiday!